The Old Amethyst Gardens in Chennai

Yay! Today is the official start of frost-free gardening in Chicago. My gardens look really sparse, things just poking up now. So for now, here are photos of a gorgeous garden that was an oasis amid the great loud hustle and bustle of Chennai. These photos are from Amethyst, which I’ve heard has now moved. This was a walled garden — walls tall and substantial enough to keep all the honking at bay!

This is my style of garden: a bit unusual, bold shapes and color coming more from the leaves than flowers.

Amethyst Garden Chennai



With each step you took, the city receded further and further away.


This collection of pots was near the spot where we dined on Amethyst’s covered veranda.



It was an inspiring and refreshing place. The new location also has lush gardens, an escape from the city.

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