How You Can Reuse Vintage Sari Fabric for Home Decor

It seems like all home decor stores have been selling kantha quilts. I have one too, for the India apartment’s guest bedroom. But there’s so much more you can do with sari fabric …

Vintage or new sari fabric can be used to reupholster furniture. When you want to use a sari for this purpose, choose one with a heftier thicker weave. Here’s one example, a 19th Century Italian chair made over with sari fabric at Maison Suzanne:


What a brave, dynamic duo of print and chair style!

For another interesting combo, the Sundance catalog made a bench with a vintage sari cushion and a forged metal base:


From etsy seller foundvintageobjects, remnants of embroidered sari fabrics are expertly chosen and mounted in embroidery hoops for an instant wall art display:

Sari Fabric Collection from etsy seller foundvintageobjects

Another idea from the Sundance catalog, artist Neeru Kumar carefully picks vintage sari fabrics to make appliquéd collages on pillows:


From Plumo, a crazy quilt of a chair, made with kantha sari fabrics:


From ABC Carpet and Home, this eye-popping rug was handwoven in India using vegetable-dyed silk from vintage saris:


Visit my Vintage Sari Fabric, Recycled board at Pinterest for 200+ more ideas of what you can do with vintage saris.

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8 Replies to “How You Can Reuse Vintage Sari Fabric for Home Decor”

  1. I’ve been looking for ways to use the fabric from a few of my saris, actually thinking about how I could integrate into window treatments. Thanks for this posting!

    1. You’re welcome Lorie. I hope this gave you some good ideas! Also, saris are so long they’re perfect for bed canopies hanging from a ceiling. I have a sari hanging as a “headboard” backdrop behind a futon in a guest room, and it goes across the ceiling like a canopy. I should post about that! Deb

  2. Hello,
    I would appreciate to receive some information about the armchair present with the picture eye-popping rug; price for 2 piece for Le Mans, Sarthe in France. I love these mixed colors and
    Thank you.

    Lionel LOUVET
    La Bréachère B&B
    235 chemin des Bréachères – 72 530 Yvré l’évêque ( close to 24H00 track )- France
    06 22 040 891

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