How to Wear Black in the Summer

This is a sidebar from usual home decor. Because it’s getting warmer and I wear a lot of black, and every summer I struggle with how to wear black in hot weather. What about, just not wear black? Can’t do that, I’m really stubborn that way. I thought maybe other people want to figure out how to comfortably wear black too.

Nowadays we have Pinterest to save us from all our problems (even if it’s just to avoid them while surfing pins!). Here are ideas I found there that show how to wear black in the summer …

This Polyvore board shows strapless black to keep your shoulders cool, with strappy sandals. It feels very airy and the browns tone down the black:

How to Wear Black in the Summer via Polyvore

Notice the current hem there, it rises a bit in front. Hey keeps your calves and ankles cooler, if nothing else!

From Eileen Fisher, a breezy open knit gray sweater over black. I have a black sweater found at HomeGoods that’s very similar to this and wear it every summer. The open knit truly does feel cooler:


Those also seem to be knit pants. ? I find loose knit black pants are much more comfortable in the summer than more “structured” woven pants.

Here’s another Eileen Fisher look, a tiered floaty silk dress and a sheer cropped cardigan with bold global accessories, and I would wear it with these Antik Batik sandals:


Now I am not trying to go GOOP here. You don’t have to shop at Neiman Marcus and Net-A-Porter. Seek out these looks wherever you like to shop! (But if anyone did buy those sandals at Net-A-Porter or elsewhere in a 6.5 and wants to unload them, ring me up! Love them!)

If you like black handbags, this combo of materials lightens the load a bit for a summer look. Mary Lai bag featured at InStyle:


Here’s another option for a summer handbag to wear with black outfits. I love this. From Adele Dejak, it combines Bakuba fabric from Congo with leather:


Wear black in loose, lightweight casual fabrics, like this shirt which is/was from Hapi by Hapiru. Both the fabric and the shape are “light” even though the color is dark:


Here’s another example, a lace and linen V-neck top by Nili Lotan (visit her site – lots more lightweight black looks there!):


Instead of solid black, work it into your look in a print. I love this, but with pants though! Seriously you could only just stand still there getting your photo taken wearing it this way, but it sure would keep you cool, huh? It reminds me of kimono:

Black Gray and White Print

Sorry I cannot find the original source. Too many tumblrs! Even my handy dandy original image locator app is overwhelmed by the tumblrs.

If you like to wear black no matter the season, and you swelter in the summer for the sake of your favorite color to wear, I hope this gives you ideas of how to get cool. You can find more looks at my Pinterest board, Decorate My Body. Lots of black, neutral colors, sandals, a little bit boho and global. The things I like to wear.

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  1. This is my dilemma, every year! Though I love bright, saucy colors (I am Hispanic), black is my go-to. Thank you for a GREAT post!

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