How to Style Console Table Vignettes

Console tables – slim tables set against a wall – make the perfect place to create a little scene that uses many surfaces: the wall, table, floor and area around the table. Console tables give you a manageable area to do something really interesting. Let’s take a look!

This is a simple scene but the accessories (and floor!) make it very interesting, from BHG:

Console Table Scene via BHG

This scene featured at Remodelaholic has the same colors and textures, but a very different look:

Console Table Vignette

If you get overwhelmed with trying to create a good balance of proportion, shapes, materials and textures in a large space or throughout an entire room, a console table is a more manageable area to do this and be happy with your results.

This console table in a foyer via House & Home has more stuff, and it’s interesting to look at in a different way than the example above:


A creative console vignette photographed by Hector Sanchez:

Console Table Vignette Hector Sanchez

It brings a lot of creativity and FUN to what would otherwise be dead space between windows. This is also a great little space to highlight a wild wallpaper or painted stencil that you might not want all over an entire room.

Foyers and entries are common places for console table vignettes. This view is from the side, but you get the idea. At House & Home:


Let’s look at something a little more unusual, and wow do I love this. You can find where to get all the elements of this scene at Elle Decor:


While the scene above is organic, this next console table entry scene is controlled but still very creative in a different way. By Wiseman and Gale Interiors:


Although this next scene couldn’t be more different from the one above, I feel like the creators practiced just as much restraint with their choices of what to put on and around the table. Via Marie Claire Maison:


Check out the fun and brave mix of things here, featured at Lonny:


Go for mixing up a new blend of accessories and shapes!

Console tables are also higher than many big dogs’ wagging tails, so they’re a place where you can put things that would get knocked over in lower places.

I hope this gives you ideas to try something a little different with smaller tables and console tables in your home.

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6 Replies to “How to Style Console Table Vignettes”

  1. Oh these images give me such a lot of inspiration! Also I recognize a lot of things I’ve been seeing while travelling. Materials but especially the atmosphere it all has. I love the wallpaper. So much fun! And the peg with all the heads… LOVE! You can do so much with console tables and make your own still life on their :-)

    1. Hi Claudia, that’s what I love about travel too, seeing such different designs and things in other places. I didn’t know anything about Thai style until we visited Thailand. I think our visits there were what originally pushed me into bolder colors in rooms like red, gold and black. And yes, the atmosphere ….

      I hope your travels are going well and it’s fun to keep up with them on your blog! Deb

    1. I know, I’d like to have the guts to mix some things so wild like that last picture. Someday I need to not just look at things like that but actually do it! Well, that’s not extremely wild but it’s all relative. I grew up in a typical midwestern suburb with recliners and oak trim. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just very different than these things here! :) Deb

      1. Ah the mid west. Half (fake wood) paneled walls, rough plaid couches and mom and dads full house of Ethan Allen furniture. Gag me. No wonder the world was screaming for Pinterest!

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