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I like when people push things, and put things together that are not usually together. Like things from different worlds, different cultures. In ways you might not expect. It’s not a culture clash. It’s a blend of the various cultures of our world.

Like “Montauk Moroccan” as in this image from Currey and Company at High Point Spring 2013:

Montauk Moroccan

Currey and Company has a Pinterest board showing some pieces from their Montauk Moroccan collection, such as these:


I discovered, thanks to the AphroChic blog, “Japanese Africa” textiles from WAFRICA. Check out Japanese kimono with African patterns:




I’ve collected kimono, haori and obi in the past, plus vintage silk and wool kimono fabrics. I’ve never seen anything like these!

I previously posted about Southwest Adobe + Asian style that we saw in Santa Fe at a store called Asian Adobe. Here’s a look from that post:


I have some Chinese chairs with leopard print suede seats – definitely a blend of things you might not normally put together. Gotta post about those!

But I think this idea of a “culture blend” is more than a collection of things in a room from different places. If you travel and collect souvenirs, and decorate your home with them, you have a collection of things from different places. I do that – in the room where I sit right now, I’m surrounded by objects that remind me of places we’ve been and cultures we’ve learned about. Instead what I’m showing here is a deliberate and consistent blending of elements and objects representing two cultures, maybe three at the most, throughout a room so it becomes a distinctive new style.

As an example, I recently posted about Scandinavian-Indian style – mixing the patterns of India in light Scandinavian-feeling rooms. Here’s a sample from that post, from Maisons du Monde:

Scandinavian-Indian Style via Maisons du Monde

What are some styles that you like that mix cultures? Share some links in the comments and show us!

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5 Replies to “Culture Blend”

  1. I absolutely love the concept! Mixing cultures in style, and life, only enhances them both ;)
    I’m in LOVE with your pinterest, always a place for a fix of exotic finds!

    1. Peace and Greetings:
      When I first saw the intercultural fabric blend designs (that I would term: Japani-African or Afri-Nipponese) on Pinterest, I was completely impressed with the stunning beauty, art form and complimentary style of the garments.

      This was an artistic innovation worthy of the homage to both enduring cultures. This is far outside of the box… In fact, it’s not even in the box!

      This is an exemplary effort that contributes everything to the dynamic styles developed through the centuries, by these indigenous expressions, of simplicity, and sophistication of high craftsmanship.

      Accolades to the designers, models, and stylists on this exquisitely amazing, and composite collaboration!

      It makes me visualize what these styles might be like if they were also incorporated in the batik patterns of Indonesia, or Indigenous Amer-Indian / Native American weavings or patterns etc.

      Since my daily apparel is of eastern origin, I truly appreciate these designs, unequivocally. I also own specific garments that are stylish and comfortable, some derived from Japan, others African-based, and Middle-Eastern.

      Yet, these combined designs top anything I’ve seen recently.

      Just Wonderful!

      Jamal (Diaz) Abdul-Karim

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