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I’ve been wearing more bold jewelry lately. You get more style bang for the buck that way. Because how can you miss seeing really bold baubles? For example, cuff bracelets really draw my eye because they are usually really wide and heavily decorated. Here’s a few attention-getting ones …

You can get a vintage version of this style of cuff from India or Yemen, with the filigree pattern and a pin closure. Or I guess you can get a new one from Lucky Brand:


Love that hinge and pin closure!

Here’s a striking 19th century silver wedding cuff from Rajasthan, at Rabari in the UK:

Silver Rajasthani Wedding Cuff via Rabari

For a similar look but even bolder, antique cuffs from Uzbekistan at Maison Halter Ethnics:


A 1960s Navajo turquoise cuff, now sold, was at 1st dibs:


You don’t have to go antique or high end to find cool choices. Inexpensive stretch bracelets are a great way to get the wide cuff look. This was from Piperlime, and may not be available any more, but you can find similar wide stretch bracelets:


I have a set of gold stretch cuffs very similar to the above one. I like to wear them with a black and gold kimono jacket (called haori) for dressy events and people always comment about the combination.

To wrap this up, I like this ancient looking India-inspired style from Evocateur, with elephants seemingly scratched in to it:


This could go on and on. Really, I could post so many of these, you could keep scrolling down for five miles. But this is a taste, like an appetizer. Just a few ideas to get you thinking about going bigger and bolder!

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