Doors with Real Wild Color

The doors to our house are painted Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back. Yup, you read that right, Mouse’s Back:


It’s a beautiful sophisticated color. It’s also safe. It doesn’t stick its neck out and scream “HEY! Come here! Look at me! You come up here NOW! You must see what’s here!” Veins strainin’, eyes buggin’, a real wild color.

These wild screamin’ doors will not be overlooked, and that’s what I like about them even if I couldn’t put these colors on my house …

From flickr user biphop, a door in Lyon, France:


Now we’re off to Warsaw, Poland where you can find this door captured by Sebastian Partyka:


Anyone know the original source of this gate? I was unable to track it down, and whoever found this deserves a mention:


Oh the mix of colors here. Captured gloriously in Morocco by L F Ramos-Reyes:


Wow, I just scrolled through his flickr. World travels, nearly all continents, photos so good they make your heart beat faster. Check it out!

From Oman, found at Gus Men along with a story of wandering around Oman’s doors:


This is a place of joy! Does anyone know the original source?


This is at Neal’s Yard Deli in Covent Garden, London. So you see, wild color is everywhere (except on my front doors). By Andrea Kennard:

Colorful Funky Door by Andrea Kennard

All these doors make me want to do this to our Mouse’s Back:


There, take that!

If someone gave you a brush, and a pail of wild paint, and offered you a dare, what would you do?

You can find many more exotic doors on my Doors Pinterest Board. Enjoy!

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