I’ve Abandoned the India pied-à-terre

“So boss, I’m going to go to India for three weeks. Like, um, I’m leaving next week.” I would so not do that! And that is why I am not in India right now although my husband is. We sometimes live such a life of change, one week I think next week will be just like this week. Then he says, I’m going to India. Next week. Oh, okay, well then. And the next second before you know it, bye, safe flight …

So if I had gone, this would have been my to-do list in the apartment there:

1. Stencil the master bedroom walls like this, with stencils I got from Royal Design Studio:


2. After all that work, swing around in a hanging chair in the corner of the master bedroom and admire the wall:


3. Next I would install this beautiful old carved wood piece from a door frame in India, underneath a marble sink in the master bathroom:


I will leave the chippy green paint exactly as it is. I’m going to cut this wood myself in the U.S. to size and take it to Chennai and assemble it there. Because I don’t trust anyone in Chennai to do it after my experiences there. Maybe I’m too much of a control freak, maybe I’m not flexible. Maybe I’m too impatient to get into 2-hour discussions about how to do things that seem basic and clear to me. Maybe I don’t like that side of me that India brings out, and I don’t have the time to give in to India’s rhythm when there’s so much to do to finish the apartment. I’m DIY’ing it now!

4. After saving two hours of discussion time, I use those two hours to hang out in the peace and beauty of Amethyst gardens:

Amethyst Gardens in Chennai

5. When I get back to the apartment, I keep the peaceful feeling going. By installing this Buddha hand hardware (from Crafters in Kochi) on cabinets that hide the clothes washer and dryer (yes, we even have a clothes dryer!):


6. After that, time for another break. How about spending it lounging in my teak lounge chair from Kerala?

Teak Lounge Chair from Kerala

It supports your back and knees in just the right places. This is a vacation chair. Just looking at it makes me feel relaxed.

So from where I relax in the chair – in front of French doors thrown open to a balcony off the living room – I can see the entry area. And it’s empty. That’s a disturbing sight when you like to decorate. Time to get up and put some stuff there. Because don’t you know I’m American and we put stuff everywhere. :)

7. I’d stuff the entryway with stuff similar to this:

Moodboard for India pied-a-terre Foyer

8. Now that’ I’m near the door, it’s time to take a break and go somewhere. How about go shopping at Good Earth:


And that feels like enough to accomplish for now. Isn’t this a fun way to do a to-do list?

Okay I have not really abandoned the India pied-à-terre. Maybe with my presence for now, but not with my wishes.

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