Something Red, Something White and Something Blue

I am thankful that my country is a place where we can spend today going where we want and speaking what’s on our mind. Within reason of course, like following our laws which actually give us freedom – the freedom of some protection from harm.

Even though people seem to disagree much more politically now and the economy can feel uncertain sometimes, in the United States we do have a value for order and safety that allows many of us to live with a basic peace of mind. Though unfortunately, I am well aware, not everyone benefits from this. When people aren’t able to benefit, I am thankful people can speak up and take actions to eliminate violence and discrimination and other harmful things.

Peace of mind that our basic needs are met gives us the freedom to enjoy more frivolous things. Like, blog about home decorating! So just being here on WordPress writing what I feel like writing and doing something frivolous is a tiny example of the vast freedoms we have. When elsewhere in the world, people  fight today to get basic freedom.

So in honor of red, white and blue …

What is more American than jeans? How to make DIY American flag jeans cuffs, at Free People:

DIY American Flag Jeans Cuffs via Free People

What is more all American than baseball (and apple pie and Chevrolet)? Here are baseballs painted with flags, via BHG:

American Flag Baseballs via BHG

And what about the barns of the American countryside? Here’s a Parvez Taj painting on reclaimed barnwood:

Parvez Taj Painting on Reclaimed Barn Wood

There are some more images on my Fourth of July Pinterest Board.

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