These Harem Pants: Yay or Nay? (Vote Below)

I’m not sure about admitting this. But I’ve been obsessing over these Eileen Fisher harem pants for awhile:


Whether you love these or hate them, here’s a fun poll. Speak your mind!

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{ Thank you everyone for honest opinions! :) Keep on votin’! }

For me to like them, the uh, crotch, would have to be long like the above photo. Not like this next pair which makes me want to reach into the photo and hike these pants up:


Here’s a video of the preferred harem pants in motion:


Now, I’m pretty sure those are Eileen Fisher employees. So would these women wear them “IRL” or are they wearing them under duress? You know, we have harassment policies that ban employers from doing lots of bad things to employees. But what if an employer says, walk around in these harem pants while I videotape you … or else no more free coffee for you. I’d wear the pants. Going without coffee is far more painful.

So do “real women” wear these harem pants? Why yes.

Gretchen of Gretchen’s Closet, a real person rockin’ the harem pants:


Um, so she’s the only real life person I’m finding so far. I’m sure others are wearing them. They’re just not posting SEO-optimized photos online. And maybe kudos to them for doing other things with the times of their lives.

So instead here’s more models:


Oh my goodness, for the photo caption I originally wrote “Meet the Harem.” Maybe with one woman in the photo it would be cute, but with many women, not the best combo of photos and words!

So why do I like these? Because I like to wear black, they’re a lil’ bit global and I’m just not a white button-down shirt and khaki pants kind of girl. But what do you think? I’m not afraid to ask! Like, really ask, in the poll above. It’s okay, you can be 100% honest.

[polldaddy poll=7231673]

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14 Replies to “These Harem Pants: Yay or Nay? (Vote Below)”

  1. I commend you for taking on this controversial topic ;o) Designers keep bringing them back (just like sneaker wedges). Free People seems to always have at least one pair each season (the pair online is not the best example). I used to think only the young, funky artsy girls can confidently pull them off. But I do like the options you posted (love the striped sweater, too). However, it could go really wrong if you don’t have the right shoes, the perfect layered tops or look good in a tank (the dancer look). They also require a cool hairstyle and accessories. That’s a lot of effort for a risky move! I’m still on the fence, despite looking so comfortable. Perhaps around the house with bare feet :o)

    1. Ha ha, thanks Berni. Well I commend Eileen Fisher for finding a way to bring the look to those of us who aren’t so young any more! I agree about the shoes – the shoes could make the difference between chic or dowdy.

  2. I love those pants. I have to say that I started to like them when we started to travel through south-east Asia. You can find them every where here. They are so comfortable, especially in hot and humid weather but with a lot of mosquitoes ;-) The black ones are really great to combine with anything but I always end up buying colored ones.

    1. Thank you Claudia – they sure do look comfortable! When it’s hot and humid, comfy counts. Usually for me, comfortable means something knit and not super close-fitting. I think the harem pants fit the bill. Have fun in your travels! Deb

  3. I would never wear them, but I do think they look kind of cute! Definitely agree with the loooong inseam, not saggy diaper crotch.

    1. Hi Lace and Leatherette, what a great idea you posted, to pair the harem pants with a blazer. Especially a close-fitting blazer like you show would help keep the outfit looking good and not sloppy. Thank you for sharing the idea!

  4. I love every harem pant cut/design that can be thought of. I love the look . I have always loved the way they drape and flow. Sorry to say, though, have to be thin to wear these for them to look the best. I have many pairs. I live in a very dry hot arid desert climate, so these are great with whatever top in 120 degree weather temperatures.

  5. I for one really dig these style of pants and I’m a guy. I’m not gay, but I have always thought they can look sexy and stylish; whether going for the casual look or for a more formal occasion, they are a fashion statement and show a woman knows her mind. Long may they grace the streets and offices.

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