1001 Arabian Nights Fantasy

If I were to create a 1001 Arabian Nights fantasy, here’s what I would do …

This living room (via the New York Times):


This headboard in a bedroom (via Riad Farnatchi in Marrakech):


This in another bedroom (via hamidi akka flickr):


Lights like this (via Art di Marrakech):


Tables like this:


I usually will not offer Pinterest as a source, but this seems to be the only image on the vast internet of these mother of pearl tables, and it was uploaded to Pinterest by Lamis Jarrar, designed by Nevine Designs.

Copper like this (Desire to Inspire):


A place to powder yourself like this (via Hezen Cave Hotel in Cappadocia):


Coffee served like this (by Zerrin Gunaydin):


Light white and patterns like this (Georgica Pond):

Pattern mix via Georgica Pond

Places to sit like this (via Sofitel Fes Palais Jamaï):


Ugh, it aches, I wish this could all be a real 1001 Arabian Nights.

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9 Replies to “1001 Arabian Nights Fantasy”

    1. I found a gorgeous copper (or is it bronze..which one turns greenish?) coffee pot like that copper one. 3 feet tall with a dragon handle. Fully carved. To Die For. Must sent you a picture. I swear I’m getting it before I leave here.

      1. Oh my goodness you MUST get that! I want to go to Istanbul and find a really tall genie in a bottle type thing. Like one big amazing thing from the Grand Bazaar. Copper turns green. I just got some reactive copper paint and the chemical that makes the paint turn green. Will do something with it and post soon! So cool.

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