West Elm in an Exotic Indian Sunset Setting

West Elm goods are usually seen in more modern décor settings. But can they work in exotic locales? Sure! See here …


This is my entry in the Olioboard West Elm Pattern Palette Contest. If you like it, would you be willing to vote? You can vote here.

Can you tell which items are from West Elm?

Here they are:


Before playing with these at Olioboard, I had a hard time imagining how these kinds of accessories and furniture could fit into the exotic vision I have for the India pied-à-terre. But now, I see it is possible.

If you haven’t played with Olioboard yet, check it out while you’re there – it’s great for making moodboards and testing out how new furniture and accessories would look in your home. So fun!

I always wind up wishing the moodboards could be real places, like this Indian sunset scene (minus the monkey eyeing the cheese though!).

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