Tuscan Countryside Moodboard

Do you ever feel like you want to try something new with color? It’s so easy to get in a rut, because usually our homes have a set color palette. So I’m happy to join several other creative bloggers in a monthly color palette moodboard/DIY challenge. It will be fun to see things around us in a new colorway. (Yes pun intended!)

The idea was dreamed up by Claudia of DesignClaud, a travel and design blogger from The Netherlands who is currently traveling around the world. I’ve really enjoyed following her travels because we have been to some of the same places in Asia, and seeing her travel updates brings back lots of great memories. A photo that Claudia took of the glorious colors in a sunset in Phuket, Thailand inspired her to create this color challenge. Aren’t vacation sunsets the best!?

So taking her lead, I looked through our vacation photos for beautiful colors in a landscape. I chose this photo for our first challenge – it’s the scene in Tuscany from the outdoor dining area of a villa we rented there for a week:

Tuscany Villa near Greve-in-Chianti

That evening we ate arrabiatta pasta and drank Chianti while the sun set over the olive groves.

Claudia suggested Color Palette Generator to find some moodboard colors in our photos. Here’s the palette it generated for my Tuscan landscape:

Tuscan Landscape Color Palette

I created a moodboard with the “vibrant” palette. For moodboards, I love using Olioboard. And here’s a board created there with the Tuscan colors:

Tuscan Landscape Moodboard

I honored the olive groves that were around the villa with the olive plant and olive pots here. And I thought it would be fun to add an animal print rug in this scene. I absolutely would put all these things together in a room! To see the sources of these items, visit Olioboard.

Visit the other moodboards at the DesignClaud August 2013 Link Up Party and if you want to do this too, click on over there! The party is open until August 19 – so choose a landscape photo and submit your moodboard there, we’d love to see it!

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14 Replies to “Tuscan Countryside Moodboard”

  1. What a beautiful photo, it makes me want to travel to Tuscany right away, and the moodboard goes so well with it. Thanks for the Olioboard tip, I will check it out!

    1. Thank you Lena! Yes Olioboard is fun. You can put an “add to Olioboard” thing in your menu bar and “pin” things just like Pinterest, but you pin them in your Olioboard library. I find it’s a great way to play with all the furniture I could never afford! :)

  2. Hi Deb!! I was so overwhelmed with life this week, I didn’t have much time to focus on blogging, but I’m so glad I’m circling back to take another look at the mood boards now. The Italian landscape you chose is incredible! And I love the home decor you selected to go with it! Did you take Holly Becker’s Blog Boss class this past March? I think we were classmates? Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! xoxo, Stacey

    1. Hi Stacey, yes I was in Blog Boss. I remember your blog because the name is so happy! :) Are you taking the next class this fall? I’m thinking about it but want to see more about what it will cover. I wish I could have everything in my moodboard in a REAL room!

  3. Love this stuff. I could look at images and pick out colors and design around them for hours….if that were my job. Sadly my job sucks all that motivation out of me as well as all the energy for doing this. That’s why I keep your page on speed dial. lol

    1. Hi Andrea! I’m so honored to be a speed dial web page for you. :) I’m tired at the end of the day too, but spend weekends doing more. A bigger project is going to be posted soon. Been pulling it together for TWO YEARS and it’s almost done this weekend. Finally! I have 25 DIYs in the pipeline, no joke! If we could only buy some time …

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