A Touch of Boho Chic: Tassel Necklaces

At first they were just a trickle, occasionally swishing across my Pinterest feed. Then they sashayed into email, in catalogs, in Twitter, in stores, around the necks of colleagues at work. It seems like everyone wants a bit of the boho look in tassel necklaces.

This tassel necklace was spotted in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue during Fall 2013 fashion week:

Tassel Necklace in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Fall 2013 Fashion Week

A soft Indian silk tassel has been given some tough “tooth” with a mother of pearl pendant, at Etsy shop Fête Accessories Jewelry & Vintage:

Silk Tassel and Mother of Pearl Necklace at Etsy Shop fetewonderful

I love the colors in this “Wanderlust” tassel necklace from Etsy shop Ayofemi Jewelry:

Tassel Necklace at Etsy Shop ayofemijewelry

How about a twist – the tassel in the back! From Brighthouse Baubles:

Tassel Necklace from Brighthouse Baubles

It kind of feels like “boho Tiffany’s” with the blue seed beads and luxurious gold tassel, yes?

This explosion of tassels is crazy cool, from Mimoza:

Tassel Necklace Colors via Mimoza Etsy Shop

You can make this next one! Justina Blakeney designed this DIY tassel necklace. You can get the kit with all the supplies to make one for yourself too, here:

DIY Boho Tassel Necklace Kit by Justina Blakeney

Tassel necklace from Table Tonic in Australia:

Table Tonic Tassel Necklace

Finally, some vintage and new tassel necklaces at House of Lavande:

Tassel Necklaces at House of Lavande

So what is your favorite? A little tassel or a lot? I was so inspired by these tassels, I made an entire garland of tassels – see the how-to DIY post!

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