One Kings Lane Shops South India (!!! Excited!)

I open the email and what do my eyes see? Could they possibly be deceiving me?

One Kings Lane Shops South IndiaShopping in South India? Really? Seriously?

One Kings Lane Shops in South India

It’s true! Oh yay! You might think my excitement is weird, but it’s not often that you find any mention of South India.

Why would I care? I’m so happy to see so many new visitors here, and if you don’t know yet, this blog originally started because we have a “second home” apartment in the city of Chennai, which is in South India. (It’s not yet finished … so more to come about getting it done in the future.)

Outside of India, most of what we are exposed to is from North India. India is a huge country with different cultures, languages, foods and styles throughout the subcontinent. You will see different styles in the south than you see in the north. And it’s not often that we get to see the southern styles. So … let’s go shopping for South Indian style at OKL …

Like teak and cane chairs that look tropical, like this one that just beckons “lounge on me lazily while sipping cold coconut water under a palm tree:”

Teak and Cane Tropical Chair from South India

These wood stools with bone inlay – beautiful! They’re sold out. I must hunt something like these down next time we’re in India:

Wood and Bone Inlay Stools from South India

And a brass urli, quintessential South India Keralan style. We may have Le Creuset, but Kerala kitchens have urlis. Urlis are also used for decoration (mine on our fireplace hearth holds candles):

Brass Urli from Kerala

OKL found a silk sari in Chennai (my favorite sari shop there is Nalli in T Nagar) and turned it into pillows. One sari can have many different patterns across many yards of fabric, so you can get different coordinating pillows from one sari:

One Silk Sari Many Patterns for Pillows

There’s also simple strong shapes lacquered in red:

Red Lacquerware from South India

I love wooden architectural remnants like this niche on a stand:

Wooden Niche on Stand from South India

There is so much more to see at the sale, check it out! It’s nice to see so much sold out. Hopefully they will run another sale of South India goods.

Here are photos from OKL’s shopping travels. Ancient temples and elephants, always a must-see in India:

OKL Shops South India

Shopping in Kochi:

OKL Shops Kochi

We’ve also had fun shopping in Kochi. Check out these posts for photos of our South Indian shopping for the India pied-à-terre:

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    1. Yes, wow to the sell-outs, huh? I saw it in my email in the morning but I was very busy at work all day and couldn’t get to revisiting it until evening. Maybe that’s a good thing for my pocketbook.

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