One Sari, Many Pillows

In follow-up to yesterday’s post about the One King’s Lane South India Sale, here’s another example of their pillows made from a sari. Their South India Sale items are listed here; many of these pillows are still available:

One Silk Sari - Many Coordinating Pillows

If you like this idea and want to make a set of coordinating pillows from a sari, look for a sari that has different patterns all over it. Here are a few examples found on eBay …

Look for a sari that’s photographed so you can see the entire sari like this one from vintagehaat on eBay:

Sari from vintagehaat on eBay

Here’s another good example of a sari with patterns all over, from indianroyaltreasure on eBay:

Sari from indianroyaltreasures on eBay

This sari also has different patterns on it to make coordinating pillows from sanskriti.india on eBay:

Sari from sanskriti.india on eBay

I hope this gives you some ideas for coordinated patterned pillows!

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5 Replies to “One Sari, Many Pillows”

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing this. Do you use a form to stuff it or loose stuffing?

    1. Hi Lorie, I usually use a form. I do like down/feather forms, but they can get pricey especially if you want bigger pillows. Some other bloggers say you can find “ugly pillows” on deep discount sale at places like HomeGoods – buy them if they have down/feather pillow forms or good quality poly fill. You can get bigger pillow forms cheaper that way! Then just recover them with your own fabric.

      If you make pillows from saris, have fun!

  2. Fabulous idea, and there are many other items that can be made from all that delicious fabric, cotton or silk, such as curtains, table runners, placemats, tablecloths, scarves, skirts, kaftans harem pants, the list is endless.

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