Multiple Rugs, Layered

The India pied-à-terre has an open floor plan for the entry, living and dining areas. It’s big enough that no one rug would fill it. So I like the idea of multiple layered rugs in a space. Plus using multiple rugs – even in smaller spaces – is a great way to use different colors and patterns together.

These layered rugs with different patterns are so much more interesting to me than one runner:

Layered Rugs in Hallway

Here’s a similar effect via House Beautiful. If you’ve traveled to India, the Middle East or North Africa, you likely have collected rugs as souvenirs. This is a great way to display multiple rugs from travels:

Layered Rugs via House Beautiful

Here’s a bright example from SF Girl by Bay. This is a good idea if you have a smaller accent rug, but need more rug to cover the floor. Layer them! This is an overdyed pink rug and a Serena & Lily metallic hemp rug:

Layered Rugs via SF Girl By Bay

Layered Rugs via SF Girl By Bay

The simple small layered rugs here make the floor interesting and they kind of mirror the effect of the pillows:

Layered Neutral Rugs

So you get the idea. I do think you need to be careful with using multiple layered rugs because the effect could get messy looking pretty quickly. It’s definitely for a more casual look.

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3 Replies to “Multiple Rugs, Layered”

  1. Your posts are SO timely and helpful! I’ve been considering adding a layer to my bedroom rug (Aymara rug – bright colors). I’d like to replicate the pink and metallic hemp example above. I love that hemp rug!

    Since your posts are always relevant to my needs, I’m expecting one on hanging rugs soon ;o) I have my eye on one that I’d like to use to help soundproof a wall.

    1. You will NOT believe! I DO have a post about hanging rugs on walls to be posted soon. While researching layered rugs, I found some nice examples of hanging rugs and started a post about that (gotta finish it). Now isn’t that freaky! Anyway, glad to be of service and share good ideas …

      1. Ha ha! Well I’m not at all surprised! I am looking forward to reading it. I love your blog. Thanks for welcoming ideas :o)

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