Provocative Obsession: Acid Yellow Things

If a genie in a bottle had predicted a month ago that “on September 1 you are going to go ga-ga for acid yellow” I would have called her a fraud. Because, there’s just no way. It’s not a color I could ever imagine liking. And certainly not put it in my house. But then some genie somewhere must have worked her magic. Because I started noticing acid yellow.

Acid Yellow Things

It was on my desk. It was on my clothes. And suddenly it was in a quart of paint coming home with me in my car. What happened?

Just for thrills last weekend, I surfed Rugs USA because bloggers promoted an 80% off sale. The outdoor rug in our sunroom has gotten gross over years of indoor/outdoor tracking from the backyard, and cat vomit. Our two furry fellas spend a lot of time sitting in the screened windows in the sunroom, and one of them has a sensitive stomach. Even though I clean the rug, I know what’s been on it and it doesn’t feel clean.

This rug caught my eye:

Acid Yellow Overdyed Rug at RugsUSA

There’s no explanation for why this sudden obsession with acid yellow. But once I looked around clearly, there are a few touches of this yellow in the sunroom, and soon there will be a deep red cabinet in the sunroom. And I think this kind of yellow could look great with that red. The sunroom should be a place with colors of joy. I’m in the mood to take some color risks there.

Here’s more acid yellow …

A post at Design Lines Ltd shows how to DIY your own overdyed rug (it sounds toxic though?) and the color of their example is a real wake-up call:

Overdyed Rug DIY at Design Lines Ltd Blog

Here’s a DIY on painting outdoor rugs at Gina McMurtrey Interiors that also used this color:

Painted Rug DIY at Gina McMurtrey Interiors

I pinned some things on an Acid Yellow Pinterest Board and judging from the small numbers of repins, it’s probably my most unpopular group of pins ever! It’s okay. I am still thinking of an acid yellow rug. I will not back down. I’ve got some paint and you’ll soon see what we do with it. You could call this my “Miley Cyrus moment.” A provocative risk.

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