Schumacher Katsugi

Some Schumacher Katsugi fabric that I scored at a great price is working its way across the country to our home right now. So excited. I’ve loved this fabric, and now, to get to play with it! I got it in the Link & Sepia colorway and it’s going in the master bedroom:

Schumacher Katsugi in Link and Sepia Colorway

It’s going to be on the wall and paired with a cabinet that I’ll makeover into an “antique” Chinese sideboard, like I did for our dining room here.

The UPS guy brought a pet food shipment from PetFlow today but no Katsugi. I got impatient and started playing around in Olioboard:

Schumacher Katsugi Moodboard on Olioboard

The plan is to put Katsugi on the wall behind the cabinet/sideboard to make it a focal point, similar to this. The room needs more lighting so I’ll likely add two lamps like this too. That chair is awesome but it’s over $600 so … no …

Katsugi is good in moderation. Too much Katsugi is like eating the whole container of Breyers Cookies n’ Cream in one sitting. Like I would know. ;)

If you’d like just a dash of Katsugi for yourself, you can get pillows from Etsy shop pillowflightpdx. Here’s a few:

Schumacher Katsugi Pillows at pillowflightpdx Esty Shop

Here’s how this fabric has been used in rooms …

It’s on dining chairs in this room in Traditional Home:

Katsugi on Dining Chairs via Traditional Home

Via The World of Interiors, here it is on Anna Wintour’s sofa:

Katsugi on Sofa in Anna Wintour's House

I am surprised. I guess I expected a look more severe, like her hair.

It’s used as skirting and pillows in this bedroom by Tom Scheerer:

Schumacher Katsugi in Bedroom by Tom Scheerer

Here it covers a duvet in a bedroom by Jan Showers:

Schumacher Katsugi in Bedroom by Jan Showers

I love it with that antelope animal print rug.

From Elle Décor, here’s another room with Katsugi but this is a bit much for me:

Schumacher Katsugi All Over the Wall Via Elle Decor

You’ll see at some point what we do with this fabric!

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4 Replies to “Schumacher Katsugi”

  1. Gorgeous fabric, and I saw what you meant in the Elle Décor room covered wall to wall – overpowering, wow! I love your Olioboard vignette. How are you going to attach the fabric to the wall? Over some foam and staple? Tacked at top and bottom, just hanging loose from a rod at the top (but not gathered)? To me, easiest way is the best (tacks), har :) If you do make over a dresser to look like the one in your inspiration board, I WANT to see how you do it, that would be awesome.

    1. Hi, I’ve been thinking same thing – tack the fabric at the ceiling and the floor. Maybe with the little lead weights you use in curtains, so the fabric hangs straight. Then add some thin wood edging on the sides. I’m looking for another cabinet with the right shape now to makeover into another Chinese cabinet! It was so much fun, must do it again.

      1. If you do find something to make over, I hope you’ll post about it! Would love to see it. I don’t remember exactly when, or where, alas, I read about it, but it was at d-i-y blog probably closer to 2 years ago than not. A couple redid an old t.v. counsel with doors into a beautiful painted oriental-style cabinet — I think there was a floral and maybe bird scene they either hand painted on the front of the doors or decoupaged cut-out themed wallpaper. It was a stunning redo and looked like the real deal. Of course I can’t find it now, I would have posted the link for you. I did find this, though, so perhaps it will serve as a jump-off point for your scouting for a piece to redo:

        Good luck!

        1. Thanks so much Jan for that link! The Rast is one chest I’ve had my eye on. I was thinking of looking for a simple shape Ikea cabinet! Would be great for future Ikea Hackers post. But hopefully I can find one on Craigs List or eBay. I don’t feel like buying new. There are also naked furniture pine pieces that are very simple shapes that could become “Chinese.” There are also Asian stencils that could be used to stencil gold scenes on a cabinet – I’m thinking about that for the next one.

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