Moodboard for DesignClaud: Laos Spring Roll Colors

This month’s moodboard challenge at DesignClaud is to:

  1. Choose a photo that we took ourselves of a favorite food
  2. Create a color palette with the photo
  3. Make a moodboard with the colors.

Does this sound like creative fun to you? You can join in too! Link up here.

My top fav foods are an eclectic bunch: pizza margherita with the freshest ingredients, masala dosa (a 3-foot long paper masala dosa is really cool!), margaritas, flavorful cheese and pad Thai.

Can these foods all have something in common? Yes! I’ve had great food around the world. When I imagine favorite foods, I also imagine where I enjoyed them:

  • Pizza margherita with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil pretty much all over Tuscany because it was a fast vegetarian meal. It’s very simple but so tasty when it’s fresh from the garden. It reminds me of dining in Tuscan buildings centuries old with stone walls and floors.
  • Masala dosa in South India. One time in Kerala, I had the biggest, greediest 3-foot long paper masala dosa. This was in a garishly colored, brightly lit place open to the street, and very busy with locals – the kind of place to look for when you want good safe food.
  • Margaritas! The most memorable ones being in San Diego and Austin. The one in San Diego was in a glass bigger than my head. A bowl, really. That one did me in. I only vaguely remember Old Town, San Diego …
  • Cheese! We pretty much lived off only cheese and wine in Italy for two weeks. Because it was so good. And I love road-tripping it to Fromagination in Madison, Wisconsin and sampling their cheeses. Yes I will road trip just for cheese.
  • I fell in love with the food of Thailand, especially yellow curry, massuman curry and Pad Thai, during three trips to Thailand. Will again … some day.

So clearly, food and travel are really linked together for me. Here’s a photo from  our first meal after landing in Luang Prabang, Laos and arriving at Villa Santi where we stayed for a few days. These are vegetarian spring rolls with carved mangos and a spicy sauce:

Vegetarian Spring Rolls at Villa Santi in Luang Prabang Laos

I thought this photo would make a fun mix of colors to play with. Adobe’s Kuler created this palette:

Laos Spring Roll Color Palette

These colors feel so tropical. And some of them really were in the gardens of Villa Santi! Here’s a combo of photos we took around Villa Santi and tropical color accessories, food and furniture:

Color Moodboard Inspired by a Vegetarian Spring Roll in Laos

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4 Replies to “Moodboard for DesignClaud: Laos Spring Roll Colors”

  1. Hi Deb, I love your favorite foods! Cheese… I miss it so much. We eat a lot of cheese in the Netherlands. Italian pasta’s hmmmmm!! And Thai food… I’m getting hungry now. I agree about food getting together with travelling. It can’t go without each other.

    Lovely mood board and lovely pictures. The color combination is great! Spring Rolls.. yummy!
    We’ve also been to Luang Prabang but the villa you stayed in looks amazing! Beautiful view. Incredible!

    Anyway, thanks for joining this months challenge! And also thank you for inviting your readers as well. I hope they would like to participate as well.


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