The Moody Blues

You know the days where the sun can’t quite break through the haze or clouds? This happens on early summer mornings here in the Midwest. And you know the sun is up there and there’s a lot of promise because later in the day, the sun will win and rays will shine through. A bunch of dusty blue images on Pinterest the other day reminded me of this.

Just like the first time there’s a certain crisp smell in the air, you know fall is here – despite whatever day it is on the calendar – when this blue shows up in the sky holding the sun and its heat behind it, you know summer is here. It’s like the sky is trying to ease you in to the coming heat, giving you a cool blue warning that it can’t hold hot weather back much longer. It’s neat how colors can bring up memories and emotions …

Via Luli Sanchez:

Blue Fabric Print via Luli Sanchez

An N’dop ceremonial hanging from Cameroon with woven cotton and stitch resist indigo-dyed. Circa early 20th century. Via Joss Graham:

N'dop Ceremonial Hanging from Cameroon via Joss Graham

From Botto, a print for Fabindia:

Blue Pattern from Botto for Fabindia

Here’s a very moody paisley by Ralph Lauren Home:

Blue Paisley by Ralph Lauren Home

This kind of blue feels dusty and dusky.

Like this gorgeous detailed ikat at Lacefield Designs:

Blue Ikat at Lacefield Designs

Here’s a Fortuny fabric, from The Met:

Fortuny Fabric at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here’s my beloved Schumacher Katsugi, in a blue colorway:

Schumacher Katsugi in Blue

A vintage bandana with Native American motifs:

Vintage Bandana

This is a tie dye tapestry from Urban Outfitters:

Tie Dye Tapestry from Urban Outfitters

This sari cushion from Aura by Tracie Ellis has the moody blues:

Blue Sari Cushion from Aura Home

Sanderson’s Pagoda River pattern has the blues:

Sanderson Pagoda River Pattern

And finally, this is like a grand finale of moody blue color and patterns, via Cloth & Goods:

Blues via Cloth & Goods

In addition to blues that evoke a certain mood, this has been a journey through a lot of different patterns, huh?

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    1. Hi Sylvie, yes, I can see you would like the patterns here! Thank you so much for sharing that video – what a production and so creative. I’ve seen the Indian shadow puppet story-telling, and this version of the Ramayana story, very cool! I know lots of people who’d like this too, going to share!

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