Top 10 Things To Do With Scrapbook Paper … Beyond Scrapbooking

If you love color and patterns, scrapbook paper is an easy way to get color and pattern. And it’s cheap. You can collect a stack of papers for $1 or less apiece. And you can do so much more with this paper than make scrapbook pages! Here are my Top 10 favorite ideas of things to do with scrapbook paper …


This scrapbook paper purse is a cute alternative to gift bags. By Danee’s Stampin’ Delights:

Scrapbook Paper Purse by Danee's Stampin' Delights


This is adorable. You could spray paint an old ornate frame, then die cut a collection of scrapbook papers all in the same shape. This is from the Echo Park Paper Co. blog:

Scrapbook Paper Art via Echo Park Paper Co


Decorate a plain storage bin with papers. This was designed by Amy Anderson of the Mod Podge Rocks blog, and shared on favecrafts:

Scrapbook Paper Decoupage on Storage Cube via favcrafts


Make a mobile for a child’s nursery, like this really cute “night owl” one. Created by AugustBell and shared on Craftster:

Scrapbook Paper Owl Mobile by AugustBell on Craftster


This is an Advent House, and you can do the same idea to cover the drawers of any little storage piece. By Torie Jayne:

Scrapbook Paper Advent House by Torie Jayne


Where to Find Scrapbook Paper

A quick break to answer a question I get asked a lot: Where do I find scrapbook papers? I find them in stores, and I download digital papers. There are two types of scrapbook papers:

Printed scrapbook papers

Digital papers that you download as files, then you print the papers

The easiest way to find papers you like is to find manufacturers you like. Similar to fashion designers, paper designers have a style. And just as fashion designers release new clothes for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, paper designers release new designs a few times a year. So the paper designs are always changing. My favorite scrapbook paper designers are:

I find scrapbook papers at:

  • Amazon – Get bargains on many papers + free Prime shipping
  • Joann – They often run “1/2 off” sales, or use 40-50-60% off coupons that you can get in emails and online
  • Blick Art Supplies – High quality harder-to-find papers + high quality archival glues and paints
  • Etsy  – I find great digital downloadable papers here


Back to our countdown …


Add scrapbook paper to wood hangers. Distress for a vintage look. If you’re giving clothing as a gift, making a hanger like this and including it with the gift would be a nice touch! Via Craft-e-Corner:

Scrapbook Paper on Wooden Hanger by Craft-e-Corner


This wreath idea is a great way to use up small remnants of paper. The color combo here is so fun. Shared by Michelle L on the project gallery:

Scrapbook Paper Wreath DIY by Michelle L


The holidays are coming and you can use scrapbook paper to decorate. Here’s a few ideas …


Make an ornament like this elegant one by Becca Feeken at Amazing Paper Grace:

Scrapbook Paper Ornament by Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace

Here’s her video from Amazing Paper Grace showing how to make that scrapbook paper Christmas tree ornament:


Christmas trees made of tiers of scrapbook paper, by Me and My Big Ideas:


Finally to round out the Top 10, this is a project I did that’s gone viral on Pinterest and beyond. It’s my personal favorite because I enjoy it every day in my office! Here’s how you can make this scrapbook paper wall art:

Scrapbook Paper Wall Art


If you have a stack of scrapbook paper, I hope this list gave you good ideas for how to use them!

Things to Do With Scrapbook Paper

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9 Replies to “Top 10 Things To Do With Scrapbook Paper … Beyond Scrapbooking”

  1. very beautiful..where can I get the pattern for the template and perhaps a printed instruction sheet?Valerie

  2. beautiful….where can I get the pattern for the template and perhaps written instructions? Valerie

    1. Could I get a reply to my request? It’s too difficult to keep up with the video especially since I can’t find glue dots and am trying to use adhesive squares. Written instructions would be more helpful.
      Thanks Valerie

  3. My husband made #1 for our living room before the word viral was invented. If we had known colored squares were so popular, I would’ve posted those on my website in 1995 instead of that animated star gif.

  4. I wallpapered, and flooring for my dollhouse. I also made these cake slice boxes for my anniversary party.

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