A Lil’ Bit Boho: Colorful Painted Cabinets

This cabinet found on Annie Sloan’s Facebook page stopped me in my tracks, in fact I think it stopped all time from moving and the Earth from spinning. At least it seemed that way to me. Here it is:

Painted Cabinet in Annie Sloane's Home

It’s described as: ‘In my boho bedroom in France –  a sideboard painted in Aubusson and Barcelona with a paper cut out on the front panels and side panels too.”

You could get a similar look as the plant shapes on these door panels by decoupaging a crazy quilt of printed paper, then painting or stenciling over it. It would be fun to decoupage colorful magazine ads and then stencil over them, revealing just glimpses of the ads! I’ve collected design magazines in Thailand during trips there and I can’t read the ads – this might be a cool thing to do with them.

For more boho style in a cabinet, here’s a painted Tibetan cabinet from Baronet 4 Tibet:

Painted Tibetan Cabinet from Baronet 4 Tibet

This one is like a party in a sherbet-colored sideboard! From Maisons du Monde:

Painted Sideboard Cabinet from Maisons du Monde

This one is more subdued, a different mood, just as colorful:

Painted Cabinet for Boho Style

I wasn’t able to track down the original source of this. If you know, please leave a comment and I’ll update this. It deserves credit, beautiful!

A bit less bold, the colors on this Chinese style cabinet could blend into a lot of home styles. It could bring some contrast to modern, and it would fit right in with rustic country. This is now sold, but was at Wisteria:

Chinese Painted Cabinet from Wisteria

If most of a room’s décor is more conservative, these kinds of cabinets are a great option to add unique personality without being too overwhelming with the color and pattern. They’re a good size to tuck into a space and add a little style contrast. I made a Chinese style cabinet for our dining room to get that result in our house. The dining table is … hmmm, maybe transitional style? And cherry stained? It doesn’t have much style personality. Rooms like that need something a little different to be more interesting.

Like tuck this little cabinet from Plumo next to a chair or sofa and you have an easy infusion of something spunky in the room:

Painted Cabinet from Plumo

These little cabinets are always useful near seating areas to hold a coffee mug, remote control, a candle, picture frame, etc. Why not choose a colorful cabinet for a little shot of personality?

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