Affordable Otomi

If you like the bright colors of India, you might like Mexican Otomi fabrics too. Because of the extensive and time-consuming embroidery handiwork needed to make really good Otomi, these textiles are priced accordingly. As they should be.

But if you want the look for less, there are some options. A large Otomi for a bedspread would cost many hundreds of dollars but all these ideas are available for well under a hundred …

Look for Otomi patterns that are printed on fabric, rather than embroidered. This pillow from MotifPillows on Etsy has a printed pattern:

Otomi Pillow Printed Pattern from MotifPillows on Etsy

If you want embroidered Otomi, you can find pillows with embroidered designs. Pillow-sized fabrics are more friendly to your wallet than the big bedspread-sized Otomi. Here’s an embroidered pillow from Toselli on Etsy:

Embroidered Otomi Pillow from Toselli on Etsy

Or you can find remnant fabrics and sew a pillow yourself, frame the fabric, cover a lampshade or make a handbag or tote – there’s so many ways you can use these. Here’s a 13″ x 18″ piece from Etsy seller ILoveOaxaca:

Multi-Color Embroidered Otomi from Etsy Seller ILoveOaxaca

This looks embroidered, but it’s a digital print from a photograph of embroidered Otomi found in Mexico. Yet another technique to make these fun folk patterns on fabrics. From PeakLane on Etsy:

Digital Printed Otomi from PeakLane

If you want just a wee bit of Otomi, here’s a little silk-screened art. But its neon color more than makes up for its size! From ScoutandLilly on Etsy:

Silk-Screened Otomi from ScoutandLilly on Etsy

From CasaOtomi on Etsy, I really like this long lumbar pillow with embroidered pattern. A really impactful pillow shape for a bed or a bench as shown here:

Otomi Lumbar Pillow via CasaOtomi

Okay, by now I know you’ve figured out that to find affordable Otomi, just go to Etsy and search “Otomi.” I’ve done my job!

To see how Otomi can be used as accessories and as furniture upholstery, visit Houzz, and of course Pinterest. Oh boy, if you like Otomi, definitely click that Pinterest link! So much inspiration there.

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