Spice Patterned Pillows

Our living room has too much dark brown. There are two dark brown leather sofas with dark brown velvet pillows. There’s a few accent pillows with other colors, but it’s not enough to break up all the brown.

In photos, the sofas look like a big brown bottomless pit of a hole. Sort of like how black photographs. Especially velvet. The velvet pillows suck up all the light and don’t give anything back to look at. This is why you’ve never seen panoramic shots of our living room here!

I’ve been looking for a fix for this. I want to add a mix of different patterned pillows. For inspiration, here are some pillows I love from Indeed Décor. They fit the colors in the room:

Pillows from Indeed Decor

And while we’re at it, let’s look at inspiration for rugs too. I like this “barely there” patterned rug also from Indeed Décor:

Vestige Maize Auric Rug at Indeed Decor

The room already has other bigger patterned things – two upholstered chairs, textiles from Laos, and more … so a rug like this would be a quiet background and let the other patterns sing the loudest.

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