Tassel Garlands

There are few very original ideas left in the world. But we can give the ones already done our own twist, right?

Photos in my post about tassel necklaces made me see a really long tassel necklace on our staircase this holiday season. Like a garland of tassels! Instead of the traditional annual pine needle garland that’s boring me now. I’d never seen a tassel garland before. Do they exist? I searched Pinterest. Well. Just because I haven’t seen a tassel garland before doesn’t mean lots of other people haven’t.

Here’s a few examples …

From La La Lovely:

Tassel Garland DIY from La La Lovely

From The Minimalist (not available there right now):


Oh but wait! Get these dip dyed tassels on Etsy from the maker, Ouchflower:

Dip Dyed Tassel Garland via Ouchflower Etsy Shop

A DIY yarn tassel garland from paperblog (fans of Domino might like what she used as a tassel template):

DIY Yarn Tassel Garland via paperblog

Here’s a kit to make tissue tassel garland, from Etsy shop The Flair Exchange. Kits come in lots of colors:

Tissue Tassel Garland Kit from Etsy Shop The Flair Exchange

These garlands can create all kinds of personalities and moods.

Here’s a glamorous garland decorating a wedding reception at Style Me Pretty:


And here’s an absolute riot, full of fun fringy tassels from Confetti System:

Tassel Garland via Confetti System

I am awaiting a passel of tassels, and will soon show you my DIY tassel garland for the holidays. I’m using ready-made tassels, then will DIY the garland. Instead of red and green, it will be my twist on holiday colors: orange and olive.

UPDATE: See the how-to DIY post to make silk tassel garland with big chunky chain!

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