Shopping Nirvana in India

Today was a day of shopping nirvana in northwest Bangalore. Here are the treasures found:

Bangalore Shopping Treasures

It’s not a huge pile because I tend to not buy a lot. Maybe that’s because I’ve traveled a lot and in the beginning, gorged on the buffets of shopping available. We hauled home suitcases of stuff but, honestly, I did not love much of it. Now I want to get that feeling of, you know, like your heart beats a little bit faster when you see something. Or when you see something in a shop and after wandering around for awhile, you’re still thinking about it – it’s the one thing you’re still thinking about. Those are the signs that you will love these things.

Today I found things that spoke to me: Lakshmi, block prints, patterns and fine textiles.

Brass Patterns from India

India Patterns


Pattern Mix from India and Uzbekistan

Shown above are a brass printing block at Anokhi; a mango leaf necklace at Tharangini (known for its block prints though it has a small textile and jewelry shop); Uzbek embroidered pillow, silk Turkish tulip textile and glass painted Rajasthani tray at Arastan; and a Lakshmi oil lamp from Vermilion House. I will share more about each of these places in longer blog posts.

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2 Replies to “Shopping Nirvana in India”

  1. Love your blog! Do check the Eka store in Jayanagar bangalore…u will love it


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    1. Hi Shaibya! Yes Eka was on my list! I absolutely would love it, from seeing their website. There’s also a location by Ulsoor Lake which is closer to us. Yesterday the driver who took me around didn’t want to go there, he said it was “too far” even though he would have passed 4 hours of driving time, and I would have to pay for 8 hours for only 6 hours of driving! I think he comes out ahead. But he refused to go. Other drivers have done same thing – I will never understand this. Maybe he only wanted to drive for 4 hours. Oh well – my husband has an office in Bangalore and I will be here many more times. My flight leaves tonight and we have a full day today – there are a few places on my list for next time – Eka, Dhakshini Antiques.

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