Luxurious Tiles from Bagno Stiles

While we were in Bengaluru, a huge architecture, design and construction exhibition was there. There were aisles of tiles, toilets, faucets, kitchen cabinets and even a swimming pool. My single favorite finding there was tiles from Bagno Stiles. Take a look …

Elemento Tiles from Bagno Stiles

Antique Tiles from Bagno Stiles

Armada Tiles at Bagno Stiles

 Elegance Tile at Bagno Stiles

Here’s a close-up of the tile above captured while I photographed the style name:

Close-Up of Elegance Tile by Bagno Stiles

They make me want to find a place for some somewhere in our Chennai apartment. Even if we used tiles to make a tabletop, and covered them with glass. Or applied them to a wall as a headboard. Or put some on a ceiling. Or … something somewhere!

Bagno Stiles

I loved the dark drama of their tiles and hoped over hope these photos turned out okay to share with you. I had problems with blurriness with the Camera+ app in India, and am now trying VSCOcam app for photos.

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  1. Well I couldn’t help but post on this! I love tiles. Thank you for sharing. I am keeping this one. :)

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