Good Earth India Stores Now Ship to U.S. and UK

News flash – at least this is news to me – if you love the goods from Good Earth, and if you live in the U.S. or the UK, you don’t have to go to India to get them. Although I’d highly recommend it, their stores are gorgeous!

A Facebook update flashed these Good Earth filigree Christmas ornaments before my eyes:

Good Earth India Filigree Christmas Ornaments

They weren’t in stores when I was in India just last week. My husband is still there but would he really take time out from work to go to Good Earth? It was hard to squeeze dinners in with him while I was there. Even though all humans need to eat, I think he is a super-human working machine. Hmmm. Do I ask? Not ask? Let’s look at the website. And oh happy day, Good Earth will ship a set of 6 ornaments in iconic peacock, elephant and tiger shapes. To my front door. In the U.S. Yes!

While we’re there, let’s look at what else Good Earth has right now …

Patterned silk pillows from their Serai collection:

Silk Pillows from Good Earth Serai Collection

They have beautiful colors and patterns in their fine bone china serving bowls. Their tableware is designed in collections that tell a story, so there are many pieces to coordinate with these:

Good Earth China Serving Bowls

I saw many jaali-work lanterns at their Chennai store. Here’s a few samples. The jaali is handcarved:

Jaali Lantern from Good Earth India

Good Earth India Lantern

Here’s my photo of a collection of mixed lanterns hanging outside the Good Earth Chennai store. Hanging a group of them gives them a lot more impact!

Jaali Lanterns at Good Earth India

I tend to not want a lot of wild pattern where I sleep. There are energetic looks around the rest of the house, but when I’m tired, I want tranquility. And indeed, these bedcoverings are called Tranquility. The texture! The color! And it’s silk, so luxurious:

Tranquility Bedcoverings at Good Earth India

If you like lots of pattern in your bedroom, they have that too, lots of block prints:

Good Earth India Bedcoverings

They have an array of vases too. This one is quite expensive, but gosh, isn’t it gorgeous:

Good Earth India Vase

I picked up some saffron honey while visiting their Chennai store. Have you ever heard of honey from saffron crocus fields?!? Me neither. I haven’t had a chance to taste it yet, looking forward to it.

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  1. Hello
    I live in Los Angeles and i am looking for couple little Indian lanterns for an outdoor lighting project.
    would it be possible to have prices for the one i am looking at on your web site.

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