A Peek Into Our Living Room

In over three years blogging, I’ve never shared views of our living room. I’ve shared the legs on the furniture before (yes, the legs!), but I’ve never felt the room was complete enough to photograph.

Well, I feel better about the space now. There aren’t any big blank bare holes. And I’ve been taking Justina Blakeney’s interior styling class on SkillShare, and her tips have made a difference in my house already! Here are a few views:

Our Living Room

Living Room Coffee Table Styling

The coffee table is teak and we had it made in Chiang Mai, Thailand for only $100! We visited the family that was making it, they had a mini-furniture factory under a tent on their front lawn. Pretty cool experience. Of course we had to pay to ship the table to the U.S. but it was shipped with numerous other things including the bronze rain drum in the background. At 3′ by 5′, it’s a nice large table.

View of Living Room Coffee Table

The lamps flanking the sofa are made with wood rice god and goddess that we found in Baan Tawai, Thailand.

No room is complete without fur:

Seesa Surveying the Living Room

My iPhone is set to click like a camera and she had to come see what’s going on, and of course get in on the action.

Close Up of Tabletop Styling

This is a bronze Lakshmi oil lamp found in Bengaluru at Vermilion House during my trip to India this month:

Lakshmi Oil Lamp

I love this combo: a favorite book, a pretty bowl gifted to me from one of my husband’s business colleagues in India, and a necklace I made. Actually the necklace broke and I threw the pieces in the bowl and left them there for now.

Textile Style Book, Indian Bowl and Buddha Amulet Necklace

Living Room View

And so there, finally a rare view of a room in our home! Weird for a home decor blogger to hold back on that, huh?!?

I apologize for these photos being dark and grainy – it’s always dark in this room any time of day despite having four windows, because our house is surrounded by trees. If you’re sitting in this room trying to read at 11 a.m. on a sunny day, you still need a lamp! So even if it were daytime, the photos here would be grainy unless I used some super-duper pro photography tricks. Or, blast out big chunks of the walls and install huge windows, which is what I’d REALLY like to do.

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