Holiday Wrapping Paper Designed by India pied-à-terre

I returned from India bearing gifts. And so why not wrap them in my own India theme holiday wrapping paper? Yes, I designed some wrapping paper! And you know what, you can wrap your gifts in these papers too, because they’re for sale.

Head on over to Spoonflower to get them …

Holiday Wrapping Paper at Spoonflower

The designs are big and dramatic. Because India is not a shy place. These are great prints for larger gift boxes. You can use them artfully on small packages too – one motif on a paper might cover an entire small box like this one which is an 8x8x8 box:

Red and Chartreuse Block Print Gift Wrap at Spoonflower

I cut a strip of the paper’s red border to make a paper ribbon.

All the designs were inspired by India’s block print textiles. Block printed fabrics are printed with wooden blocks, and the blocks are traditionally painstakingly carved by hand. So the designs on these wrapping papers have a hand-carved quality. Like, they are not 100% perfect as they might be if made by machine.


For this Christmas and holiday collection, I chose jewel colors and golds. And some colors are a bit offbeat for the holidays but still very festive – to me, chartreuse and violet are like the green and red of India.



And may I also suggest, you could use these papers for decoupage and DIY projects too. They can be used for more than wrapping gifts. Spoonflower prints on quality paper – this is nice thick paper! It’s not thin paper that you must double up so people can’t see the what the gift is before they even open it. We’ve all run into that and it’s so annoying. I wouldn’t do that to you – I searched hard for a way to print quality gift wrap.

The wrapping paper is 6 feet long by 26 inches wide. A roll can wrap about four medium size gifts.

You can get them at Spoonflower! There are 15 designs and color combos to choose from!

*** HOLIDAY DEADLINES: Please note, if you’re interested in ordering, Spoonflower deadlines for holiday delivery are coming soon – some are next week. See their deadline schedule. Spoonflower prints custom paper when you order it, so it can take up to 10 days to ship. ***

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