Happy to See Asian Influence as Elle Decor Spring 2014 Trend

Elle Decor featured John Robshaw’s New York living room, shown here, as an example of Asian influence:

John Robshaw's Living Room in Elle Decor

I recently shared a few photos of my living room, and am well aware that the look may not be one of the most popular Pinterest-worthy looks. I don’t paint walls white. I avoid pastels. When I do paint furniture, I don’t paint it shabby chic. I paint it to look like an old Chinese cabinet. I’m bored with the usual Christmas wrapping paper seen for the past 40-something years of life so I designed my own India-influenced holiday gift wrap.

This is okay with me, I create and live in a place that reflects our style and places where we’ve traveled.

But sometimes I wonder, because it’s not what most people are doing and pinning. Of course you should be true to yourself and not worry about the trends. You have to make a home where you feel happy. Sometimes the current trends fit what you like to do. Sometimes they don’t. Trends shouldn’t matter. Still it’s nice to see that others like the look that you like!

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2 Replies to “Happy to See Asian Influence as Elle Decor Spring 2014 Trend”

  1. Your home looks like a home where I could sit and relax. I could curl my leg under me and read a book, or even meditate. Thank you for sharing the fact that we don’t have to have cookie cutter homes. Different can be the best thing you do.

    1. Thank you so much Pam. The thing I enjoy most about our home is the furniture is so comfortable, we can sit however we want on it. Sometimes we fall asleep all night on couches. We use the coffee table like a dining table. No rules! :) Except I do wish the upholstered chairs and velvet pillows magically vacuumed themselves of cat hair …

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