Bohemian Patterned Paper Trees

This is going to be happening over the holidays:

Boho Paper Fringe Trees via Holiday with Matthew Mead

They’re from Holiday with Matthew Mead. Let’s be honest though – there’s a lot of fringy paper trees out there. What’s better about these? Well:

  • They have a whole bunch of patterns not just 1, 2 or 3
  • Thoughtful placement of patterns, like the pattern with French words at the bottom, and the highlighting of “1898”
  • Fringe with scalloped edges, rounded edges
  • Mixing materials – Beads! Rhinestone! Ribbon! Bejeweled toppers!
  • Shiny candlestick bases

As the maybe-I-shouldn’t-be-proud-of-this owner of a foot-tall (maybe taller) stack of scrapbook papers, a girl’s gotta do what she can do to use up all that paper!

I think this is a perfect idea … some of us like to be driven crazy cutting paper up in tiny little pieces, scalloping the edges of tiny paper, sticking tiny beads with little pins … let’s say it’s like a marathon of exercise for eye-hand coordination? I’m not doing this alone. I’m going to make my mom and sister do some trees too. We could build a whole forest of crazy boho paper trees …

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2 Replies to “Bohemian Patterned Paper Trees”

  1. They’re beautiful! But too much work for this woman. I will continue to admire the patience and tenacity of others who create such loveliness from afar :)

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