Subconcious Inspiration

This image caught my attention back in the earliest days of Pinterest (like that was even that long ago!) and it showed up in my Pinterest feed again today:

Grand Traverse Country

It’s an abandoned building, but the crackled paint and wallpaper layers are still beautiful. This image really captured me. Maybe it’s the unusual colors. Seeing it again today, I wanted to know more about it. Through Google, I traced it to a Flickr photo set of images by Jason Rydquist, of an abandoned rural homestead on a Hannah Road south of Traverse City, MichiganThe green and yellow scene is a bedroom. 

About a year ago, I photographed a piece of green painted carved wood from India, against moody yellow and green printed scrapbook papers. The feeling is similar:

Carved Wood from India and Scrapbook Papers

Carved Door Wood from India and Scrapbook Papers

I don’t remember recalling the photo of the abandoned house while doing this, but you never know, maybe it was lurking around in there somewhere. Sometimes we’re drawn to certain color combinations. Sometimes we like the feeling of certain patterns. With the millions of photos on Pinterest, I think it’s worth noting if an image stands out enough to be remembered. If it does, there must be some extra attraction or reason for us to remember it.

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