Get the Look: Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne’s Baby Blue Barn Doors

I was in junior high when Ozzy Osbourne was singing “Flying High Again” and, allegedly, biting heads off of bats. That may or may not be true? We didn’t have the Internet to check I even have Diary of a Madman and all his other albums on cassette tapes. I should stop there, this makes me sound old. From my photos and young voice, people are supposed to believe I drink from the eternal fountain of youth …

Speaking of images that don’t quite match real life … Ozzy was all dark and about flirting with things you’re not supposed to do, all those things that appealed to young teens. So it’s really hard to reconcile the image I have of Ozzy Osbourne with an Ozzy Osbourne who would live in this nice soft baby blue living room with antique country touches:

This Living Room Belongs to ... Ozzy Osbourne

Doors in Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Living Room

Did Ozzy go to any meetings with Martyn Lawrence Bullard when Martyn and Sharon Osbourne were designing this? Is Ozzy okay with this? I’d really like to know!

These photos are all over Pinterest, and people are especially loving those barn doors. They are Victorian-era sliding barn doors  from American Garage Antiques in Los Angeles, and likely one-of-a-kind. But you can get the look!

While researching online today for something else, a picture of these sliding barn doors with ornate ornamentation crossed my screen:

Wood and Iron Ornamented Doors

They’re available at Imagine them with light blue paint on the wood, and light brown paint on the iron. How about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue and Coco:

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

You got the look!

And if you are really handy, you can completely DIY the Osbourne’s barn doors yourself with lattice and various cut shapes arranged on wood boards.

There’s even horseshoe-shaped hardware to hang barn doors, such as these from RealSlidingHardware on Etsy:

Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware from RealSlidingHardware on Etsy

Now, you totally got the look! The look in Ozzy Osbourne’s living room. Unbelievable.

Now that I’m thinking of it, Ozzy’s old songs are among my very favorite junior high memory songs. I’m off to download them on iTunes because there’s no dinosaurs around here and there’s no cassette tape players around here …

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