Waterlogue Interiors

Usually waterlogged interiors are a bad thing. But “#waterlogued” interiors, it turns out, are a very good thing!

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a ton of photos lately tagged #waterlogue. The Waterlogue app makes photos look like watercolor paintings, and its popularity is suddenly skyrocketing. For good reason! Check out these Instagrams of interior decor photos using this app …

Here’s several from Maison21’s instagram:

Waterlogue Interior Photo via Maison21 on Instagram

Maison21 Instagram Photo in Waterlogue

Maison21 Interior from Instagram

Check out Maison 21’s portofolio! Great interiors and inspiration there.

From @lynneradams, a living room scene “painted”:

From @lynneradams Instagram Interior Photo Using Waterlogue App

From Instagrammer and interior designer Barrie Spang, this is gorgeous and makes great use of this app’s abilities:

Waterlogue Vignette via Barrie Spang on Instagram

Not really an interior but, beautiful blue patterns! From Beth Maloney on Instagram:

Bowl Patterns via Beth Maloney on Instagram

Two views of a pretty porch via Stacy Lewis on Instagram:

Waterlogued Porch via Stacy Lewis on Instagram

Gorgeous Waterlogued Porch via Stacy Lewis on Instagram

French bulldog in a modern room setting by Hunt Beauchamp on Instagram:

French Bulldog in Modern Room Setting via Hunt Beauchamp Instagram

Bright and happy living room by Instagrammer Kelly McMaster:

Bright and Happy Waterlogue Living Room by Instagram Kelly McMaster

The Paris Opera House ceiling by Ashleigh Sherrill on Instagram, WOW!

Paris Opera House Waterlogue by Ashleigh Sherrill on Instagram

This is moody but very cool, conveys a feeling very well, via theaceofspaceblog on Instagram:

Moody Waterlogue via theaceofspaceblog on Instagram

The living room of Instagrammer Jen Going Interiors:

Living Room of Jen Going Interiors via Waterlogue

A booth of decorative throw pillows via Lacefield Designs on Instagram, I love this:

Waterlogue Image by Lacefield Designs on Instagram

That’s a great example of how the app “waters things down” while keeping the right amount of detail.

From interior designer Jena Salmon, I love these images:

Waterlogue Image via Interior Designer Jena Salmon

Interior Design Waterlogue Image by Jena Salmon

From Instagrammer lynnvonkeaton, this image has a nice restful feeling:

Waterlogue Image via lynnvonkeaton on Instagram

From Sita Montgomery Interiors on Instagram, I really like this whole arrangement:

Sita Montgomery Interiors Image in Waterlogue

This is just a glimpse of a scene which I think makes it even more effective an image, from Tricia Shepherd on Instagram:

Waterlogue Image via Tricia Shepherd on Instagram

I need to stop. But it’s hard, as a lot of people say, this app is addictive.

I also discovered some new Instagrammers and blogs to follow, and hope you did too.

For the latest photos made with this app, search the hashtag #waterlogue on staticgr.am or Instagram, whatever you use – people are making watercolors of kids (there was one little bare bum in front of an open fridge!), pets, travel scenes, everything!

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