This Week: Featured in Online Magazines!

It’s been quiet here for a bit, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. In fact things have been happening elsewhere!

I’ve been writing and sharing DIYs over at Paint+Pattern, an online magazine about paint and pattern but also so much more – it’s full of inspiration about the current trends! See what I shared there about top interior designers and the African-inspired design trend. We may not all have a baby cheetah curled up snoozing on a sofa, but we can weave these lively patterns and colors into our homes – find out how:

African Trend Inspiration at Paint+Pattern Online Magazine

And, I’m thrilled to be featured in Once Upon a Tea Time’s online magazine, curated, this month! Its pages are an extravaganza of color and patterns. Priya asked me to share some experiences and advice from being a creative entrepreneur. Those of us with creative souls like to make things, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to sell them? There’s so many more options now than back in the 90s (like that was really that long ago!) when my husband and I had a print and online business. I share some tips at curated:

curated Online Magazine

I’m honored to be among the company of so many other creative, inspiring women in this month’s issue, check it out!


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4 Replies to “This Week: Featured in Online Magazines!”

  1. That was a great article in curated (and a great photo!). I love what you’re doing with Paint+Pattern, too. Way to keep growing, Deb!!

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you so much! It’s so nice to see your blog too – the antique wash stand makeover you did, what gorgeous grain you brought out of it. And those wheeled casters are so CUTE! Are the wheels wood? It’s gorgeous and an antique that surely may get passed further down in the family!

  2. Thanks, Deb! Yes, the wheels were wooden. I was shaking the whole time, worried that I might ruin them, but they held up like troopers! :) Your blog looks great!! Did the switch to your self-hosted site go smoothly?

    1. Yes the switch went very smoothly – I paid for the guided transfer so WordPress Happiness Engineers (don’t you love that title) moved the site. I’ve set up self-hosted sites for my husband’s business and also moved his site between hosts, so I can do it. But whenever we ran into problems, it took a ton of time to figure out, even with help from the hosting services. So it was worth it to pay WordPress. It took only about 1/2 hour of my time, mostly to upgrade our hosting account, and then it was up and running and time to play with plug-ins! Yay! Though I realized today everyone got the email for this post twice – gotta fix that …

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