A Nomad’s Jewelry

If you travel and you’re female, you may pick up some jewels along the roads you travel. Maybe they’re talismans and amulets with purposes to protect. Maybe they’re pendants made from colorful semi-precious stones with meanings, like turquoise and carnelian. Maybe they’re one-of-a-kind pieces made by artists for the sheer pleasure of creating, no purpose  beyond that needed. Whatever you pick up, nomads tend to collect many different things. I’d imagine the jewelry of a nomad might look like these …

Can you believe this charm bracelet was owned by Jackie O? It’s true! I’ll share more about this bracelet in a future post.

Jackie O Charm Bracelet

This next one is like a shield of charms. From Silk Road Jewelry on etsy, this is a “vintage travel memories” necklace that’s been sold, but you can find similar pieces at that etsy shop:

Travel Memory Necklace from Silk Road Jewelry Etsy Shop

Here’s another one from Silk Road Jewelry made with African and Nepalese treasures. I like the choice to play up a single color in these pieces:

From Silk Road Jewelry Shop on Etsy

I posted this years ago and it fits in this post theme again – a collection of Indian amulet necklaces:

Indian Amulet Necklace

I personally lean toward SE Asian, Indian and African pendants and charms, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This eclectic combination was shared by Earth Angels Studios in a post about an art event in Sanford, FL:

Eclectic Charms via Earth Angels Studio Blog

This necklace was made with decadent textiles and silk. Yum! It was sold by the quisnam shop on etsy, where you can find similar textile-and-charm jewelry:

Textile Silk and Charm Necklace from quisnam shop on etsy

Here’s a cascade of healing amulets in a more natural palette, from Etsy shop maggiezees. This exact one has been sold but this shop has many very similar pieces:

Amulet Necklace from Etsy Shop maggiezees

Here’s a charm bracelet also from maggiezees on Etsy:

Charm Bracelet from maggiezees shop on etsy

And another from Maggie Zee flickr, shaman amulet bracelet. I’m loving the natural colors with mixed metals:

Shaman Bracelet by Maggie Zee

From Dorje Designs, this is a masterful blend of pieces from around the world – she calls her work transglobal jewelry. Befitting for a nomad:

Talisman Necklace from Dorje Designs

This wake up call is from Jane Dean shop on deviantart:

Charm Bracelet via Jane Dean Deviantart Shop

This next one is not for sale. It’s in the Met’s collection. It’s from Japan, 20th century. Even though it’s very under-stated compared to examples above, it still feels nomadic.

Japanese 20th Century Necklace in The Met's Collection

I like the blend of cultures in these pieces of jewelry, and their big personalities.


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4 Replies to “A Nomad’s Jewelry”

  1. I would Love to buy the African Nepalese necklace with all the beautiful pieces in blue and gold and many different shapes and sizes from the Silk Road collection. Please, please tell me how much and where I can get one.
    With thanks and kind regards, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Michele Boddeus from Queensland Australia. Cheers

    1. Hi Michele, I am sorry, I do not sell this. I usually mention the websites where I find these pictures, or link directly to them. Though this post is from 2014 and the necklace and it might not be available now.

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