Color: A Teal Treat

Of all the jewel-tone colors, my fav is teal blue – a very deep blue-green color. It’s richer than turquoise. Turquoise is lighter and bluer, like the blue of the summer sky is in it. Turquoise is happy. Teal is moodier. Teal is murkier and more mysterious. I’m not sure what that says about me that I prefer teal over turquoise?!

Right now a closet in our guest room is being transformed from a dingy dirty white storage space, into a really luxurious Indian-Moroccan patterned nook. I decided to not be shy with the color. It’s teal. A real deep dark teal. Like these images …

This is from a waterfall wall made of petals by David Harber:

Waterfall Petal Wall by David Harber

Here teal blue covers the walls of a whole room, thanks to Anthropologie:

Teal Color Room by Anthropologie

You can get a touch of teal on your table, in some “Ibiza” bowls and plates from Z Gallerie:

Ibiza Bowls and Dinner Plates from Z Gallerie

A dose of teal blue from Harper’s Bazaar Spain edition:

Harper's Bazaar Spain

It shows up in a decorative mail box in Travancore, South India. If our mailboxes were as pretty as this, maybe we’d want to send real handwritten letters just to visit the mailbox:

South India Mailbox

Textiles from Nagaland in India and Burma are usually black, red, yellow and white. But here is an embroidered Nagaland textile in teal blue, via Saffronart:

Embroidered Nagaland Textile via Saffronart

I have a tip for you if you want to buy teal blue paint. Be sure to check paint chips in natural light! The yellow tinge of indoor lighting can add some green to a blue paint chip. So your paint chip may look teal in the store or under lamp lights in your house. But the actual paint color may not have enough green to really be teal. I had some paint chips that I would have sworn up and down were really truly teal. But when the lamps were off and the sunlight was streaming through the window, they were not green-blue. They were just blue. One chip was truly teal in the natural light. So check your paint chips in natural light before buying paint.

For more of this color, visit my Pinterest Board full of teal blue:

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