The White Buffalo Styling Co.’s DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket

This deserves more than just a pin on my DIY board. Way more! As a maker of globally-inspired DIYs myself, I am in awe at how Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. found a way to make a Moroccan wedding blanket:

DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket by The White Buffalo Styling Co

I’m not spilling the beans here on how this was done, because that’s not cool – you simply must visit her tutorial over at East Coast Creative and show this project some love if you like it. You can do this too, with a few easily-found supplies and she shows you how! Not everyone can afford the real deal. I haven’t sprung for one yet. If you like Moroccan wedding blankets, this is a way to add their shaggy and sequin-y texture and boho look to a room, in an affordable way.

East Coast Creative has “Creating with the Stars” going on now. Have you heard of it? Hold on to your chair before you click over there. It’s amazing what people can create with imagination and resourcefulness!

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