Tribal Tassels

They’re all the rage right now in boho chic fashion and home decor: tribal tassels from lands now known as Rajasthan, Punjab, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan … but the tribes that make and use these fringy textiles have been around longer than states and nations and cross many borders. Their traditions have lasted generations too, of draping their yurts, their clothing and their camels with colorful tassels and poms. You might find tassels clustered together in threes, as this was auspicious and protective.

Here are vibrant beaded Paktika Kuchi and Baluchi Afghan vintage tassels from Tribal Muse:

Tribal Tassels from Tribal Muse Shop

From northern Afghanistan, here are Turkoman tribal tassels from Tribal Souk that are used to decorate animals, people, cars, trucks, and motor bikes. These bright colors are now popular in the region:

Turkomen Tassels from Tribal Souk

Those tassels are 15 inches long! You can’t miss them.

If you wonder how these can be worn with more western styles, Vivienne Tam showed us how back in 2011, when obviously I wasn’t quite paying attention yet:

Vivienne Tam 2011 Tribal Tassel Style

If you like this look either for fashion or home decor and want sources to find such treasures, let’s look some more …

The rich jewel colors of these Uzbek tassels – gorgeous.  From Dancing Tribe Etsy shop:

Uzbek Tribal Tassels from Dancing Tribe Etsy Shop

From Luxethink on Etsy, these vintage Turkoman tassels have a sophisticated color combo:

Turkomen Tassels from Luxethink Etsy Shop

These fringy camel decorations from Rajasthan are so fun! Brought to you by Woman Shops World on Etsy:

Camel Tassels from Woman Shops World on Etsy

Anthropologie is hanging tassels on handbags, such as this Samirah Tassel Bag which is now sold out (so, get your tassels and make your own handbag tassel!):

Anthro Samirah Tassel Handbag

Tribal tassels can also be used on pillows, such as this pillow from One Kings Lane with Gosha tribal tassels:

Tribal Tassel Pillow from One Kings Lane

I hope this brightened your day with the possibilities of how to add a bohemian touch with tassels!

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  1. I agree with Debbie! Thanks for the background info (very interesting) and links to sources!

    1. You’re welcome! These shopping sources have other interesting tribal items too!

    1. Thank you! Yes so pretty, and I’m working on recreating the look as a DIY to hang on a tote bag! Project coming soon …

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