Spotted: Collections of Round Things on Walls

Could the post title be more articulate? Probably. But it describes exactly what I’ve been seeing lately − round things on walls. In big clustered collections. It all started a few weeks ago at the Antique and Garden Fair at Chicago Botanic Gardens. I saw this scattering of round things in The Golden Triangle’s booth:

Wooden Thai Rosettes from The Golden Triangle

They are wooden rosettes from Thailand. Some red, some ivory, all gilded with a touch of gold. It’s like a whole garden of these wooden blossoms is blown across the wall.

Then, while perusing Pinterest tonight, I see a similar cluster of round things on a wall:

Patterned Paper Circles on Wall via BHG

They are patterned paper medallions from Better Homes & Gardens. You could do this with scrapbook paper! BHG describes how to make these step-by-step here.

Then, not even an hour later, I see fellow Paint+Pattern blogzine contributor Debbie Dion Hayes’ photos from the High Point Furniture Show on her blog, My Patch of Blue Sky. And what do I see? She shows round things on a wall!

High Point Furniture Market Mirrored Orbs via Debbie Dion Hayes

Mirrored glass orbs! Although this makes me feel nervous just looking at it on a computer screen. With my penchant for breaking glass, paper round things would be much better on my home’s walls.

So once you see something for the third time in short order, it’s definitely a thing.

I decided to scroll through my “Collections” Board on Pinterest to see if there’s more examples:

Follow India pied-à-terre’s board Decor – Collections on Pinterest.

Sure enough. Yes.

These are ceiling medallions from home improvement store, painted and hung on a wall. From House & Home and  BHG:

Painted Ceiling Medallions on Walls

A wall garden of exuberant ceramic flowers, shown at Elle Decor:

Garden Wall Flowers from South African Ceramicists

A wall installation of juju hats, via Kronbali where you can get these hats:

Juju Hats from Kronbali

After those color bursts, I will leave you with a visual palate cleanser from Bloomingville before you go wherever you go next online!

Baskets on Wall via Bloomingville

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