Yurt Style

Just wait until my husband finds out what I’m packing for camping … er, glamping … this weekend. Because we’re staying in a yurt! And you know what I’m thinking. Pictures of glamorous global glamping style! Forget the s’mores supplies. I’m packin’ the pillow with elephant ribbon trim. And some camel swag.

Meanwhile, here’s some yurt decor …

From Wilde & Watson, a bohemian decor yurt:

Yurt via Wilde and Watson

Via Domino magazine years ago:

Yurt via Domino Magazine

From Love My Dress (if you’re curious about that name and how it relates to decorating, it’s a wedding site that featured this yurt as part of a wedding, how cool!):

Yurt Style via Love My Dress

A “canvas hotel” via Dress Design Decor:

Canvas Hotel

More about yurts later. For now, I gotta pack some coordinated things, not the usual stuff I throw in a bag when camping. We’re actually lucky to have a place to go. We got the idea last minute to hop-skip-jump in a little four-seater airplane up to Door County, Wisconsin. But it’s a holiday weekend. There was no vacancy in any hotels and although we could find a campground, we can’t load too many pounds of camping gear in a tiny airplane. You have to weigh everything. Then I found these yurts available – perfect compromise!

Our yurt will be very simple (like, there’s no running water) and there’s only so much “stuff” I can take. If I tried to load a rug on the plane I think my husband would certify me with decorating insanity. So we’ll see what we can do!

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4 Replies to “Yurt Style”

  1. You and I agree on how a yurt should look inside. I vetoed the yurt idea a week ago because it was in the middle of nowhere with no amenities. I thought all yurts looked like this until I saw the picture of the one in the U.P. Have fun decorating. :-)

    1. Aren’t these cool? If you’re driving to a yurt, you can pack all kinds of stuff for a glamping trip! Decorating things and practical things.

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