Etsy Shops with Global Flair

I’m on Etsy a bit more now that I put the smallest ever inventory in a shop – just two items but more tote bags and mini cross-body bags (super cute) are coming! Just first, need to find the right leather straps at the right quality level for the right price.

Meanwhile here’s some Etsy shops to get a dose of global style …

Chanee Vijay Textiles sells hand-printed block print items including bold graphic pillows, many in strong metallic colors:

Chanee Vijay Textiles on Etsy

See her design process here – where a fun video shows how she draws designs, she cuts wooden blocks, she mixes inks, she prints on fabric, she sews … she does everything! And it’s all environmentally-friendly too.

I’m going to Morocco this fall and traded in 80K United miles (yeah sometimes I fly a lot) for a free flight. So then you get weird itineraries. One option was routed through Dakar, Senegal. Which got me curious, what’s in Senegal? Well, baskets like these from Etsy shop African Baskets are from Senegal:

African Baskets Etsy Shop Baskets from Senegal

Hilarys Bazaar is like wandering the lanes of a Middle Eastern souk where people have tread for thousands of years, maybe even trading similar things all this time. And then the souk comes to you, through your computer:

Hilarys Bazaar Etsy Shop

I drool over the Thai and Hmong hill tribe textiles at DellShop. I brought back bags of textiles when we traveled to Thailand years ago. There’s something about the complexity of the weaves and designs. You can purchase lengths of textiles and sew pillows with them, or hang them as-is.

DellShop Thai and Hmong Textiles on Etsy

Luxethnik has a collection of high-quality global wares, and I think I “favorite” everything in this shop! What a great eye and attention to detail. And she’s in Santa Fe which is one of my very favorite towns on the planet – there’s such rich global inspiration there.

Luxethnik Etsy Shop

Isn’t everything so lusciously photographed? If only I could move into an online shop …

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  1. Gorgeous shops! Another one I love for Hmong textiles is Kulshi Mumkin. I’ve ordered from her a few times – great prices and fast service (from Thailand).

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