Visions of Country Courthouse Sugarplums Dancing in My Head

About two years ago, my husband visited his ancestral village of Osur in Tamil Nadu in South India, and came back to Chicago excited. They were just launching a renovation of a Hindu temple there. And they anticipated people will want to go to Osur when it’s done. They expected travelers. A renewal of the village. My husband said, before this demand happens, get a plot of land now — a plot of land could be had for $2,000. You could build a country house! With a courtyard as seen in traditional South Indian homes.

I got visions. My visions look just like this Pinterest board — a countryside dream of cool whites, naturals, rustic, wood, stone, linen. Cool whites everywhere to lighten the load of India’s heat on our shoulders.

Follow India pied-à-terre’s board India – Country Courtyard House on Pinterest.

Of course it’s all play in my mind. It’s a beautiful Pinterest board isn’t it? But Pinterest boards are far off from reality.

The reality is the village is hours from anything when I’m a Chicago suburban person who craves being in the city, not even in the suburbs. I want to be in the middle of everything. Even on vacation! Once I visited the village, I found some charm there but my vision would not belong.

Maybe, maybe build this vision in the middle of Chicago? What about that as an idea.

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2 Replies to “Visions of Country Courthouse Sugarplums Dancing in My Head”

    1. Thank you Lorie! I’d love to sell our suburban house and move into Chicago but house values in our area STILL haven’t recovered from the 2008 drop. We bought during the high of 2004 unfortunately. Meanwhile Chicago neighborhoods are picking up so we’re not on the winning end of buy-sell. Oh well!

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