Change is Coming

So I wanted to let you know a change is coming here. Very soon! It includes things that have been on this blog for years … decorating inspiration from around the world, DIY projects with global style, a little bit of travel thrown in … So, don’t be surprised when you see something new and different here …


A scene from my travels, a little scene outside the entrance to Sundari sari shop in T Nagar, Chennai, India:

Sundari Sari Shop in Chennai India


A collage of ideas for the entrance to the India pied-à-terre:

India pied-a-terre Foyer Ideas

Some things above will actually be there! I own that mirror (it’s huge! and rustic!) and that is the actual door on the interior side. The exterior of the door is fantastically carved. And it’s a small door, because you are intended to stoop over as you step through, so the door looks funny and short in the collage but it’s correctly to scale.


Jali-inspired wall art that I created for Paint and Pattern design magazine as a contributor there:

Scrapbook Paper and Stenciled Wall Art

Above my wall art is paired with some favorite things … gold temple bells, a Chinese Ming table, hundi lanterns, decorative suitcases for the travel theme. And the stencils in the wall art are from designs inspired by cultures around the world.

There is a clue in here! I feel like I’m writing a “blog blind” like a celebrity blind riddle. There are clues and there are red herrings. But all will be revealed soon …

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4 Replies to “Change is Coming”

  1. I’m sure you’re putting together something extraordinary. Can’t wait to see! :) And of course, had to click the Blind Riddle link…

  2. Just love visiting sundari silks and other sari shops in Chennai. Sundari silks looks like a small palace in itself. Love buying gifts from here.

    1. Yes, I like even the little display of things along their staircase and the gifts and home decor items on the top floor! I also really love Nalli in Panagal Park – both stores but the old store has more atmosphere with the tall wooden and glass doors.

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