You’ve Made an Impression

Things I’ve really liked lately have raised patterns or impressions.

Like these plates via Kuş Kafesiwhich if I’m interpreting right, is a store in Turkey:

Cluster of Plates via Kus Kafesi

And that’s a cluster of round things on a wall, a concept which has been strangely stalking me all year and obviously I haven’t shaken free of it yet. Here’s a cluster of round things on a wall I spotted just last week at a hotel. Just minding my business, walking past elevators, and there’s the round things stalking again.

So back to impressions and raised patterns. These are beads by Macropulloss:

Beads by Macropulloss

A Hamsa collection, which I think is in El Fenn riad in Marrakech because I recognize that wall. Wierd thing to recognize, huh? That happens when you’ve spent too much time on Pinterest looking at global design pictures!

Hamsa Collection

This hamsa collection is inspiring me to find a shape that’s meaningful to me and make it in concrete in various sizes with raised or impressed patterns on it. To make my own little wall collection. Concrete is pretty easy to work with once you have a form to make the shape you want. Maybe you’ll see that here in a future post!

How about this raised pattern sconce? It was featured in Domino and originally from Wisteria:

Raised Pattern Sconce from Wisteria

And, gorgeous hamam soap. Via Vachtvilten aan de Vecht (where it appears you can learn to make the soaps?):

Hamam Soaps

I’m even experimenting lately with raised stenciling. See this DIY stencil project I recently did for Paint and Pattern online design magazine. The theme this month was Italy, so I made wall art panels inspired by Italian terra cotta pots:

Wall Art Like Aged Terra Cotta Pots

They were painted with acrylic paints and Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan in various colors, and I used a product called Wood Icing to create the raised pattern. If you are liking the idea of raised patterns, you can use stencils and Wood Icing to easily create them.

I’ll definitely be doing more raised stencil pattern projects – already have a few ideas!

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