Yikes! Comments Not Working – Giveaway Suspended

Wow what a Big Fat Blog FAIL! A really nice gift certificate giveaway is posted here, and … proverbial crickets. Silent treatment! I felt so bad. I was ready to go get off the “internets”! There are other things to do in life, offline, and surely I’d adjust. Eventually. Sniff.

Turns out, the comments weren’t working! I don’t know why. Maybe it’s related to the recent move to a new blog name and URL. I didn’t get email notice of comments, and they didn’t show in the dashboard either. Tests showed you could submit a comment, and it didn’t go anywhere.

So the giveaway is suspended until this is fixed.*

I’m sorry if you spent time reading the contest entry and commenting. You’ll see the giveaway relaunched soon and I hope you try again then.

I really loathe posting pics of myself here so to make up for this, here’s a selfie of my very best “oh shit” sheepish look!


So yeah … first and hopefully only selfie.

If you’d like to visit something of substance here instead, over my shoulder are the results of a few cool DIYs:

*Okay … we’ve upgraded to Comment Luv here and it’s working! I’ll re-run the contest soon …

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