Patchwork Rugs

I love the patchwork rug style from ABC Carpet and Home, made of patches of various rugs:

ABC Carpet and Home Patchwork Rug

But, would you believe something as simple as a beige patchwork rug could be quite different? So, let’s look for more …

Here’s a beautiful version with a mosaic of pattern, from a store in the UK, Design Studio V:

Patchwork Rug from Design Studio V

This look is a great option if you don’t want to commit to color but want some texture and a little bit of pattern.

Clayton Gray Home explains how their rugs are hand-stitched together in Turkey. They’re made from pieces of vintage and antique rugs from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Armenia and Turkey – all joined  in one new piece like this one:

Clayton Gray Home Patchwork Rug

Can you believe you can even find these rugs on Etsy? Uh-huh. From seller Vintage Carpets, direct from Istanbul. I’m tempted:

Patchwork Rug from Etsy Seller Vintage Carpets

You can see that even though these are all neutral, they’re all different. Some are more faded and ghostly – just a whisper of pattern. Some have more obvious pattern. Some have larger carpet remnant pieces, others have smaller patches. All these design choices give each rug a unique look. This next one from Carpet Edition has just hints of larger patterns:

Carpet Edition Patchwork Rug

From Zin Home – I like the mix of elegant patterns on this one. It’s like they chose different patterns that somehow all work together like an orchestra, instead of fighting and getting noisy:

Zin Home Patchwork Rug

These are making me think, hmmmm, inspiration for a stencil project … couldn’t you tape off rectangles on a tabletop and paint the rectangles with different stencils? Or you could paint on a floorcloth and make your own rug like these! I took tile-making classes many years ago. I could see creating tiles with parts of patterns like these, then piece the tiles together into a tabletop or wall art. Or even a floor if you’re really brave for a more permanent installation.

See, this started out as a very beige post, but there’s a lot of inspiration here!

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