Bold Punch POW

The previous post was like a visual palette cleanser. In fact, the rugs kind of look like crackers during a wine tasting. And now you’re ready for a bold flavor. And here I serve it up for you.

Wide black stripe on a white wall. Super powerful. From Tine K Home catalog, featured by The Design Chaser blog:

Wide Black Stripe on a White Wall from Tine K Home catalog

Here’s where you get just a glimpse, but that’s all you need to get a feel of the effect:

Black Stripe on White Wall from Tine K Home Catalog

So brave to do something like that.

Here is black in smaller doses but still bold. From Couleur Locale, a store in Belgium:

Bold Black and White Pillows from Couleur Locale

Let’s kick it up a notch. Ready? Hold the handrail here. Oh wait, what? There isn’t a handrail. I feel I like need one, to stay steady on these steps. Via Domaine:

Bold Staircase Runner via Domaine

If that’s too much, here’s black and white pattern served up in smaller doses on plates, Moroccan plates:

Black and White Moroccan Plates

This next pattern dials it down a little bit more. Maybe that’s because there’s more white/beige than black. Yet, on a large scale on a rug, it could have a ka-pow. It’s the Magical Thinking Slice-Stamp Rug which was available at Urban Outfitters, now sold out:

Magical Thinking Slice Stamp Rug from Urban Outfitters

Small dots make up small strokes. (Click image to enlarge and see more detail.) Still a bold effect, overall. From Gaia Auction catalog. It’s an acrylic on canvas work by Lorna Ward:

Lorna Ward Acrylic on Canvas

That’s probably enough for now, before we over-consume and get drunken and dizzy with bold patterns!

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3 Replies to “Bold Punch POW”

  1. Hello, I LOVE this website, and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me where the Moroccan plates can be purchased.


    1. Hi Megan, I’m happy you like this site! I just tried again to find the original source of the Moroccan plate photo but unfortunately can’t find it. I think the rise of Pinterest and Tumblr and other photo sites have overwhelmed all the apps that used to help us find original sources! All roads seem to lead back to Pinterest, and we know Pinterest is not a source. A lot of times these Moroccan plates are handmade and the designs change over time. If you like these, you might like some others. Check out the “black and white Moroccan plates” search on Google Images – there’s a lot here:

      And on Google Shopping:

      I hope this helps!

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